Moving out of your home, traveling, or looking to store excess items? Renting a storage unit is the perfect way to store and protect your property! With a variety of unit options ranging from 25 sq ft to 50 sq ft to 75 sq ft, it may be difficult to decide which unit size and type is the best fit for you. Below, we’ve provided some tips on how to look for the right storage unit before you decide to rent! At Hollow Tree Storage, we recognize all customers have individual needs, and hopefully this will help you navigate the best option for your budget and property. 

What to Look for Before Renting a Storage Unit

The first thing you should consider before renting a storage unit, is how long you will be needing your items stored. At Hollow Tree Storage, we offer a variety of options to fit each individual customer’s needs. There’s month to month billing options and the ability to go prorate depending on the move in/move out period. Make sure you reach out and ask questions when you know how long you’ll be needing storage for. Many storage units will accommodate your needs and walk you through your options.

 The second thing you should consider is how much property you are trying to store. With a variety of sizing options, you should have an idea of how much room you’ll need to store all your items effectively. If you need help determining this, storage calculators and visuals are usually available online. At Hollow Tree Storage, we show visuals on our website for each of our unit sizes to show how many items can fit!

 The third thing you should consider, is what additional amenities you may need to make sure your property is stored properly. Most storage units will offer climate control, security measures, and vehicle storage to name a few. Make sure you research what amenities are available so that you can be prepared and informed.

 The fourth and final thing you should consider is convenience and accessibility! Make sure to research what times you can access your storage unit and determine if that fits your move in/move out or seasonal needs. Additionally, you should know how much online account management you are able to do. Determining what can be done online and what needs to be done in person is paramount if you will be remote during your storage rental period.

 With all these tips in mind, renting a storage unit has never been easier! When you know what to look for and keep in mind, storage renting is a breeze! At Hollow Tree Storage, we make sure customers have access to this information through our website or staff. Being informed and well acquainted with what your storage unit facility provides is the best way to be prepared and confident when it comes time for renting! Contact us at (203)655-2018 or send us a message online with our website