Things to Consider Before Using Our Rental Storage Units

Here are three tips that we think will help make your frequently accessed rental storage unit more accessible:

A rental storage unit can be useful for many things, whether it’s a drop-off for the never-used clothing items we can’t get rid of, a place to stash the holiday decorations, business inventory storage, or even a place for a boat or a vehicle.

Some types of utilizations require us to go back to a unit repeatedly, which can be a dooming task if you haven’t organized the inventory. Before you start packing boxes, it’s important to remember a few steps that can make your return visits to the rental storage unit a breeze.

If you’re going to access your unit frequently, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. People who are new to rental storage or those who want to improve the accessibility of their unit space have come to the right place! Hollow Tree Self Storage has these tips that we want to share with you.

Try to pick the same box size for most of your items

Have you ever played Tetris? Imagine playing that game if all the tiles were 1-block squares. You would never lose! The same idea can be applied to rental storage facilities. If you try to keep your box sizes consistent, it’ll help with stacking, utilizing the space, and accessibility. Also, remember to stack the largest boxes on the bottom – so don’t put anything too fragile in those!

Identify the items you think you’ll want to access first

You’ll have an idea of where items fall on the need-to-access scale. Things that are important and may be needed sooner than others should be separated from the pile. You’ll want to put those items at the front of the storage unit so that you won’t have to dig through a stack of boxes in the unit later on.

Label! Label! Label!

Are you storing items in boxes by category? By room? You’ll probably want to know what’s in each box when you have to go back to them. Instead of rummaging through all of them later, be sure to label your boxes beforehand or as you are packing. It is also helpful to create a master list of all the items that are going to be stored in the unit – not just categorizing the boxes. The master list can be particularly handy if you need to find a specific item that is out of view.

Preparing your inventory properly can improve return visits and it’s simple to do. With a little bit of strategizing and organization, we believe that your rental storage experience with us can be a stress-free one!

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