The Most Trusted RV Storage in Darien

Is there any thrill quite as exciting as hitting the road? Escaping away to a new destination? Exploring new places, national parks, and camp sites with the family. There’s nothing like summer road trips! But there comes a time when every RV needs a rest and a safe storage. Consider renting a storage lot from Hollow Tree, the most trusted RV storage in Darien.

Storing your RV during the winter will protect it from rain, snow and freezing temperatures that can cause extensive damage to the inside and out. Apart from protecting it from the colder climate, you want to protect your RV from vandals too. That’s why when it comes to looking for an RV storage, you want a trustworthy place with the proper security measures for your storage needs.

At Hollow Tree, The Most Trusted RV Storage in Darien security is our top priority. Storing your RV at a storage facility puts it safely behind a high fence with gated access and 24/7 video surveillance. Additionally, security measures such as keypad entries, property management, alarms are all considered. In fact, there is always a manager on call after office hours for emergencies and our Mobile App, which allows a view of unit activity. If you’re looking for a safe RV storage in Darien, Hollow Tree has you covered.

Our limited large outside parking spaces of 10×20 or 10×25 are available for your RV and trailers. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your RV in pristine condition while you are self-storing it:

Do A Deep Clean:

After a summer of road trips, your RV might be looking a bit messy. We suggest you give it a thorough cleaning before storing it for the winter months. Clean out all drawers, including bathroom and cabinets. Cold weather could lead to items to freeze and break, causing a mess. Don’t leave any food in your cupboards or the fridge. Scrub the inside of your fridge, microwave, or any other built-in food preparer with water and appropriate cleaner. You won’t want to find a mold problem when you take it out of storage. 

Drain the Fluids:

Flush out the water tanks, plumbing system, and water heater before storing your RV. If you’re winterizing your vehicle, our number one winter RV storage tip is to add a little bit of antifreeze to the pipes, valves, and waste tanks to prevent leftover water from freezing.

Cover Up:

Place a cover over your RV to keep out direct sunlight, water, dirt, and more. Over time, the sun can damage furniture, so make sure you put your blinds down before leaving your RV in storage. Additionally, cover your RV’s tires to prevent cracking in the brittle winter months.

Attend to Your Battery:

Before storing your RV for the winter, consider removing the battery to prevent freezing. If you don’t plan to remove it, make sure it’s fully charged before placing your vehicle in storage. While you’re at it, use the battery disconnect switch to turn off all power sources to preserve your battery. 

Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we know everything there is to know about storing your belongings. Don’t risk damaging your RV, choose a safe and convenient storage solution today. Give us a call at (203) 655-2018, or visit us online to reserve a lot for the best RV storage in Darien, CT.