Stay Spooky This Halloween and Reserve A Storage Unit Rental with Us

Fall is upon us! That means Halloween Decorations from your storage unit rental galore, trick-or-treaters, spooky feasts, and parties. Planning for this event can be such fun, using your imagination to create the perfect Halloween event. However, creating the ideal event means finding all the right paraphernalia. Each year you continue to add to that pile, generating a mountain of stuff you can’t seem to part with. Why should you? It took hours and hours of shopping to find just the right decoration and or costume. Only now do you have the stress of finding room to store all your great stuff.

Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we can remove some of that stress. Storage unit rental is an excellent way to free up more space at your residence without throwing out special items or spooky decorations.

We offer 30 different unit sizes ranging from 25 sq. ft to 312.5 sq. ft. Our different dimensions allow you to store as little and as much as you need to. Our 5×5 unit is perfect for holding personal items, toys, small furniture items, and clothes. Our 10×30 compartment can hold major appliances and furniture of a four-to-five-bedroom house. If you still need a more in-depth guide for what dimension unit you need: we offer a fundamental blueprint for each unit on our website to help you pick the correct size.

Every unit is individually alarmed in addition to cameras set up around the hallways. There is always a manager on call, even after hours, in case of emergencies. And if you are ever worried while you are away, we have a mobile app to track all unit activity. We take security very seriously; we urge you to bring your unit lock to increase security.

New to storage unit rental? No big deal! Hollow Tree Storage offers a month-to-month rental instead of a lease, so there’s no long-term commitment necessary. We also do not require proof of insurance when storing with us, although we highly urge you to re-examine your Homeowner’s or Renter’s insurance to guarantee your items are covered when in storage.

If you are planning to rent for longer than a month, however; we highly recommend climate-controlled storage to ensure that none of your belongings get ruined. We also advise you to have all of the items you are planning to move already in boxes in addition to bubble wrap or towels for breakable items. Nonetheless, if you do not have everything you need: we happily have packing items for sale to make moving as convenient as possible.

Storage unit rental is a huge choice, so at Hollow Tree Storage, we do everything we can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during this process. We offer excellent storing tips to help you figure out everything you need: a list of frequently asked questions to let you understand more about renting and all the services we offer.

If you have any more questions or concerns that our website does not address, do not hesitate to reach out by calling us at (203) 655-2018 for more information on our units.