Some Reasons why Hollow Tree Self Storage is the Best

The search for self storage units in Darien, CT should be a short one. After a visit to Hollow Tree Self Storage, why would any other self storage facility in the area be considered?

Hollow Tree Self Storage has everything a person would need from a self storage business, and more. Are you looking for cheap storage units? Hollow Tree has self storage units in Darien in 30 different sizes so finding a storage unit in the size you need and at the price you want to pay has never been easier.

Just because Hollow Tree has cheap storage units, it doesn’t mean the units aren’t secure or clean. Many of Hollow Tree’s self storage units in Darien are individually alarmed and are located inside a climate-controlled building that will protect your belongings from theft, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions.

The amenities at Hollow Tree Self Storage are some of the best in Fairfield County, CT. In addition to individual alarms on most of our indoor units, Hollow Tree has other services that keep clients happy and make moving in or moving out of our facility easy and convenient.

A helping hand

There’s not a person on the planet who thinks moving is fun, so Hollow Tree tries to help. If you rent a storage unit at Hollow Tree, you get free use of a Hollow Tree van when you move in. The van has a low profile so loading and unloading doesn’t require as much lifting as larger moving vans. Be sure to ask about it when you’re selecting a unit.

No snow or rain

If the weather is bad, you don’t have to unload in the elements, thanks to the covered unloading area at Hollow Tree. Open the drive-in bay, back in, and unload without working in the rain or freezing temperatures. Just give our on-site management team a heads-up, and the drive-in area is available to use.

Take advantage of the dock

Make moving heavy or bulky items easier by using the loading dock at Hollow Tree. Move big items straight from the truck or van onto the loading dock. If your storage unit is on an upper floor, use the over-sized elevator to make the move even easier. There’s no reason to make your move more difficult than it needs to be. And why lift anything more than it needs to be?

Moving supplies are available

If moving day arrives and you haven’t put in the time to consider everything that you will need, let us help. We have boxes, tape, and packing materials that will help. All you have to do is let one of our team members know what you need. Then get busy and get it over with!

Hollow Tree Self Storage has it all, from cheap storage units to self storage units in Darien that are large enough for the contents of a 4-bedroom house. Give us a call today at 203.655.2018 to discuss a storage solution or visit for more information.