Why Rental Storage Units Give People Peace of Mind

Moving can be a struggle. All the steps that lead up to a move can leave your house in disarray, and coupled with the process of buying a new home, the ordeal can leave you exasperated. A rental storage unit can be of great use in these situations.

Having a place to store those boxes of clothes or furniture is a lifesaver when you are in between houses. There can be numerous setbacks and delays in every move that can interfere with where your belongings can go. It can be a weight off your shoulders to have a rental storage unit as a safety net in case things do go sideways during the moving process.

College students may also find storage units to be beneficial when moving out of their dorms. If you are an out-of-state student or have too many items to get everything home in one trip, you can store your mini-fridge or microwave nearby for quick pick up when you return. More often than not, there are problems with personal possessions that are out of your control so be prepared with rental storage from our facility.

Rental storage can also be useful if you’re operating your business from home. Entrepreneurs know the struggle of preventing the home from starting to turn into a warehouse for storage boxes, filing cabinets, and piles of promotional materials.

Let us be your warehouse! It will be significantly cheaper than renting a warehouse property and our rental storage unit is available 7 days a week for all your inventory needs. There is also 24-hour video surveillance so that you can have peace of mind that your belongings are safe from thieves and vandalism.

Besides inventory storage, Hollow Tree Storage also provides outdoor and indoor boat and recreational vehicle storage. During the fall and winter months, it is one less thing to worry about and removes the clutter from outside your home or garage.

Hollow Tree also offers climate-controlled storage units. It may sound strange but if you own antique furniture or expensive paintings, this could be an extra precaution to avoid moisture damage or other damage that can occur when the temperatures change with the seasons.

Excess humidity can have a devastating effect on antique furniture, vinyls, and important documents. Even electronics can fall victim to moisture-related damage. Give yourself some peace of mind and get a rental storage unit with us.

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