Find Out What Makes Our Secure Storage Facilities the Best Choice in Darien

We wish storage unit theft was not a common problem, but it is increasingly on the rise. Unfortunately, it takes more than a cut-resistant lock to ensure your property stays safe. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find secure storage facilities. Store your belongings with peace of mind at Hollow Tree.

What makes our security features stand above the rest? A majority of our units are inside a secure building that is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system. In addition to that, each of our storage spaces has an individual alarm for added protection. The entire property is fenced in and under 24-hour surveillance.

While we do offer extended access hours for your convenience, the facility is not accessible 24 hours a day. We lock up at night to ensure the personal safety of our customers, and of their belongings. Every area of the property is well-lit, and the interior is equipped with motion-sensing lights that add safety and convenience when you are coming and going.

In addition to our security measures, you’ll enjoy modern amenities and ease of access. Your belongings will be safe from temperature changes or severe weather inside our climate-controlled building. We aren’t satisfied with being a bare-bones storage facility. We are always improving in order to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

We take our secure storage facilities so seriously we even have a vault! A wine vault, that is. 5,000 square feet of subterranean, climate-controlled wine storage equipped with a backup power generator. When we designed this vault we kept both the casual collector and commercial customer in mind.

Our smaller wine storage units are able to accommodate 150 bottles and the larger units hold up to 5,600! The units prevent vibration, and the temperature and humidity levels are monitored to ensure an optimal climate. Now when you stop by to check on your stuff after work, you can also sip on one of those beautiful vintages you’ve been wanting to try!

Comfort, convenience, and security are all priorities for us. We know that people might store things that they need to use regularly. Whether you need long-term storage or month-to-month, we have the right option for you. You will feel comfortable and safe every time you stop by.

There are numerous things to consider when choosing secure storage facilities. We have a variety of storage solutions and unit sizes to choose from. From pull-in garages for cars to covered boat storage; 25 square foot units are available for storing a few valuables, or larger units that are over 300 square feet!

We are happy to give you a tour of the building and the grounds on our luxury golf cart. We provide our truck for free when you are moving in, and we stock packing supplies for your convenience.

We don’t currently require proof of insurance, but we do recommend checking with your insurance company to get details about your homeowner’s or renter’s policy coverage.

Let us show you how we are defining what it means to be a modern storage facility! Come by for a tour, or give us a call with any questions at (203) 655-2018