Cheap Storage Units at Hollow Tree Self Storage

Hollow Tree Self Storage was founded by 4 partners local to Darien, CT. They have been in the storage industry since 1990 owning Affordable Storage in Norwalk, CT. They noticed that there was a potential need for additional storage for the community in Darien so they found the perfect location to open Hollow Tree Storage. They decided that it was time to sell their Norwalk location and build a completely new facility with the newest amenities. Since they had the Affordable Storage they wanted to make sure that this location had cheap storage units too. 

Sustainable Storage Unit Designs

The partners wanted to design the building with sustainable features including a rooftop solar farm that powers virtually all of the facility. Not only did they want to be sustainable but they also wanted to have the most advanced technology too. We have 24-hour surveillance cameras and individual alarms for each unit along with an on-site property management team. They want to make sure that their customers feel like their belongings are being taken care of when they decide to use Hollow Tree Self Storage. 

Variety of Sizes and Uses 

Here at Hollow Tree, we have 30 different sizes to meet all of the storage needs  of our customers no matter how large or small they need. Not only do we have cheap storage units but we also have drive up garage units for car storage, drive in bays, loading docks for business drop shipments and storage, parking for boats, Rv’s, motorcycles and commuter parking right across Norton Heights Metro North Station. 

We want to build a relationship with our customers and community. Not only do we want to build the relationship but we want to be the preferred local partner in self-storage and an asset to the community. This is one of the reasons why we want to have the state of the art facility and an outstanding management team. This is ensuring that our customers have a shorter commute to access their items and a safer and secure location to be able to store additional valuables. 

Community Matters to Our Local Business 

One of our goals is to be part of the community and we are very proud of that goal. We work closely with non-profits that make a difference in our towns. We work with Person-to-Person, The Community Fund of Darien, Museum of Darien, Darien, and Darien Chamber of Commerce. Each has their own goals but we are happy to be working closely alongside them. 

We want to make sure we have cheap storage units along with the safety and security so everyone feels comfortable using Hollow Tree Self Storage. If you are looking to get rid of items from our property and need a storage unit visit to learn more about all the different sizes we have available. You can also give us a call at (203) 655-2018 to talk to someone about all the different options we have available. We look forward to being able to help you store your valuables safely!