Boat Season Preparation Guide From the Best Boat Storage in Darien

As boating season nears, you may wonder if you have been storing your pride and joy properly in the off-season and the best way to prepare your boat for warm-weather fun. Due to Connecticut’s weather, Your boat has been sitting in storage since September. Removing your boat from boat storage in Darien can be a lengthy process. You want to prepare your boat for the summer by performing any maintenance needed and making sure it functions properly.

Since most people go boating from May to September, boats are unused for the better portion of the year. At Hollow Tree Storage, we have safe, large outside parking spaces 10×20 and 10×25 available for boats, recreational vehicles, and trailers. Our boat storage in Darien, Connecticut is the perfect storage solution for you.

Many boat owners take meticulous care when preparing their boats for the boating season. It is crucial to discover maintenance issues, cosmetic issues, and more prior to launching your boat. Otherwise, your boat will get exponentially more damaged as the seasons come and go until it stops working altogether.

Preparing your boat for the season is similar to purchasing a boat in the first place. A new boat will be cheaper but will need additional work before it can be launched. If your boat requires a lot of preparation, expect to spend a significant time preparing it for open water. Like all vehicles, boats require a substantial amount of time and money, so it is essential to care for them so costs and time spent stay minimal.

Seasoned boaters know what to focus on during boat preparation. If you’re a new boat owner, you should prepare a list of possible maintenance your boat needs. General cleaning tasks include: cleaning your boat, checking all drains for blockages, cleaning your wood finishes, replacing wiper blades if worn, inspecting your ladder, trim, rails, rudder, and fittings, inspecting your hoses and clamps, and checking all electrical systems.

This list of maintenance to consider when preparing your boat for a trip is just for reference, but it is meant to show how extensive a process can be. It is imperative to thoroughly check every part of your boat before using it for the first time this season. Take the time to check all its parts to ensure it is working correctly. Getting stranded out at sea is a terrifying experience that is avoidable through regular maintenance.

Boat owners can break down their lists based on specific areas, specific issues, specific onboard components, etc. Start working on the inside-out of your boat, starting with the hull, making sure there are no cracks, and ending with the engine, checking that it runs.

Inspect all systems, with extra attention to the vital systems, for damage because minor problems usually become large if left unattended. Not to mention the fines that are avoided by doing so.

Lastly, finish your boat preparation with a fresh coat of wax to keep your boat looking brand-new for many boating seasons to come. Aside from looking well maintained, a new coat of wax helps protect the boat’s exterior from weather and water erosion.

Be sure to use Hollow Tree Storage for boat storage in Darien when the boating season is over. Our boat storage is popular and has limited availability, so reserve your space before it is time to store your boat!