Affordable Self Storage Units in Darien at Hollow Tree

When it comes to finding self storage units in Darien, it’s important to find a place that has all the right sizes. At Hollow Tree Self Storage, we pride ourselves on providing the best available storage spaces for your belongings.

While you may be looking for a specific storage unit where you can leave your items, we will be able to walk you through our facility and show you exactly what you might need. However, in order to find the best storage options at our facility, you must first understand the services we can provide.

First, we have a wide range of sizes when it comes to our storage units. With units ranging from closet size to full garages, you have the ability to store just about anything with us. As a company specializing in self storage units in Darien, we offer climate-controlled units so your belongings don’t get ruined while they’re in storage.

In our smaller units, you can keep boxes of things that may take up too much room in your home. You can also store anything that you may keep in a closet. With full drive-up access to some units at our facility, you will be able to add or remove items at any time.

On top of being able to store just about anything at Hollow Tree, you will soon have the ability to store wine in our secure wine vault. Once our wine storage is ready, you will be able to keep your bottles in a cool, shaded room that will allow your wine to age until you’re ready to consume it. Our wine vault will also have a refrigerator and an area for tasting and other events.

Keep your wine in a perfect environment while you plan for that next event. At Hollow Tree, we continue to provide premium services for our clients when it comes to offering the finest self storage units in Darien.

Another storage option that we provide to our clients are spaces big enough to serve as a large garage. These ground-floor spaces can be used for boats or large equipment that need a secure spot but don’t need full protection from temperature changes. Our staff dedicates time to ensure that your boat or equipment is in the best environment possible until it’s time for you to use it.

While it’s stored at Hollow Tree, we will ensure that severe cold won’t harm your boat and it won’t be exposed to theft or vandalism. This wide range of storage options shows that the opportunities are endless at Hollow Tree. Come in and take a look at our facility and see all the options that are available.

If you are in search of self storage units in Darien and are starting to like what we offer? Visit our website here or call us at (203) 655-2018 to reserve your space today. While the most frequently asked questions we receive have to do with the amount of space we offer, we will make every effort to find you the space that will best serve your immediate storage needs.

With a wide range of affordable prices to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the right space for you. All you need to reserve a space with us is a working credit card and the time to move your items into your new self storage unit in Darien.

Don’t wait to secure your space today. As we continue to grow, more and more customers trust in us. We’ll see you soon!