Self Storage Unit in Darien For Life on the Road

Nowadays, people are growing tired of their boring lives: wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, repeat. If you’re ready to add some spice back into your life, consider packing up all your stuff and taking life on the road. If you fear being able to fit all of your stuff in an RV, tractor trailer, sailboat, houseboat, or something else, you’ll want to invest in a self storage unit in Darien.

Before investing in a storage unit, you should take note of everything you plan to take with you. For example, you are guaranteed to bring a small amount of clothing and you can guarantee that you will need something for sleeping. However, if you are planning to live on the road indefinitely and are moving out of your house to do so, you will need to get rid of most of your stuff and store the remaining stuff in a unit.

If you have heirloom furniture that has been passed through your family from generation to generation, you’ll want to put that in your storage unit. If you have a rather impressive library and just can’t seem to part ways with any of your books, you will want to stick them in a storage unit.

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to get rid of anything you do not consider valuable or personal. Think of it this way, the more you are able to let go of, the more you can sell in a garage sale or online, which means more money to fund your wild adventure across the country.

Once you have decided what you want to keep with you at all times and what is appropriate to put in storage in Darien, you’ll want to find a facility that is right for you.

If you have a garage, try to put all the stuff you are trying to keep in the garage so that it’s all in one spot. Once you have it all together, you’ll be able to determine the size of the storage unit you’ll need to rent. Most storage facilities offer a variety of unit sizes with a variety of unit prices, with the smallest unit usually falling around the size of a 5’ x 5’.

If you have more stuff than you can fit in your garage, you’ll want to invest in a large storage unit and consider renting a moving truck or U-Haul to help bring your stuff to the unit in the first place. Hollow Tree Self Storage, a Darien storage facility, offers extra large units up to 20’ x 42’, which is enough to store a vehicle, should you want or need to.

If you have valuables that can’t be kept in cold, winter weather, you may want to look into renting a climate-controlled self storage unit in Darien. Remember that heirloom furniture from earlier? Well, if you’re looking to hold onto it, you’ll definitely want a climate-controlled storage unit because old furniture requires proper moisture levels to resist damage.

Similarly, if you’re looking to store most fabrics, such as clothes, bedding, or blankets, you will want to invest in a climate-controlled facility. Most fabrics will warp when exposed to excessive moisture levels. When you come back from your trip on the road, you may have to invest in a whole new wardrobe because your clothes may not fit properly anymore.

Whether you’re looking to pack up your stuff to live life on the road or just want to momentarily get rid of some clutter in your house, Hollow Tree Self Storage is here to help. Hollow Tree Self Storage is a storage facility that offers a variety of self storage units in Darien, CT. To learn more about our storage solution options, call 203.655.2018 or visit us online.