Remodeling During the Colder Months with Hollow Tree Storage

This small period of warmer weather is the perfect time for you to start your spring cleaning. We have many different options so you can store anything and everything. Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we have self storage units in Darien to meet all your storage needs. We offer more than thirty storage unit sizes, which makes your decision easier. Our storage options are combined with our month-to-month rental options, so you can rent the right space for the right amount of time without paying any extra.

Storage Unit Variety

Our storage options include units from 5×5 units to 20×20. The smaller units are perfect for all your seasonal sports gear or tools. The larger units are great for all your items while remodeling your home. What better time to remodel than when you have to be inside anyway? 

Using Self Storage Units in Darien when Remodeling 

Remodeling during the winter months is a perfect time. This is the case for a couple of reasons. For most contractors, it is the slower season so you will get more attention from that contractor. This benefits you in the long run because if they have more time to focus on your home then it could be done sooner than you originally thought. When you have a project done sooner than you thought this is going to save you time and money. 

During a remodel, you don’t want to have all your belongings in the way. Getting everything out of the way is going to make it easier for the contractor to work which could also save time. This is where Hollow Tree Storage comes in. We want to make sure you have the right space so you can store all your belongings this time. We have self storage units in Darien so you can store everything you need too.

The best part of getting this remodel done during the winter months is that it will be done before the summer months. Now, this might not sound like great news but it is. Having a remodel done before the summer months means you have the ability to host all the summer parties. You will be able to show off your new home to all your guests. 

Valuable Location and Convenience 

In addition, we don’t only have storage units but we offer outside storage too. Having outside storage allows you to store your boat or RV too. We have direct access to I-95 and are in close proximity to Long Island Sound, which means your next adventure starts here. With close access to I-95 means you can easily drop off all your belongings to your storage units. 

Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we want to make sure that you are able to store anything that you want. We have self storage units in Darien that are going to help you check off some of your spring cleaning tasks. Visit to see all the options for all of our storage units. We look forward to seeing you soon!