Motorcycle Storage for the Colder Months

During the colder months, you don’t want to keep your valuable items outside. You want to make  sure that there is a place where they can be stored. Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we have many different options for anything that you would want to store. We offer options where you can store your RVs, boats or vehicles. We also offer motorcycle storage in Darien. Having a place to store your motorcycle during the colder months is super important so it will work properly when the springtime comes and you want to ride around town. 

Ensure Safekeeping 

Motorcycle storage is not something to be taken lightly. You want to make sure that you take all the prior precautions before you store your motorcycle. This includes cleaning all the surfaces so that there is no dirt or debris on the bike. This will save the bike from getting rusty or having a problem when you decide to start using it again in the next couple of months.

Another precaution that needs to be taken is to make sure that all moving parts have some oil. This is going to ensure that come spring time there is not any unwanted moisture. If your bike has unwanted moisture, it is going to be more work to get the bike working again. 

Maintenance is Always Important

You also want to make sure that you top off the gas tank and add fuel stabilizer. Adding stabilizer is going to make sure that the fuel doesn’t get a large amount of air into the tank. Air and fuel don’t make a great mix, so if this happens then you will have to replace some of the parts of the motorcycle to make the bike work properly again. 

All of these are great precautions to take before the winter to make sure that the motorcycle will stay in tip top shape during the colder months. One of the biggest things that a motorcycle owner can choose to do is to store the bike inside so it is not exposed to the outdoor elements. 

Climate Controlled Spaces

This is a big reason we have motorcycle storage in Darien. We offer climate controlled parking spaces inside. Having a parking space inside will make sure that you don’t have to replace or fix anything major when you want to take your bike back out on the road again in the spring. 

If you don’t want to have a climate controlled space, we have other options available too. Here at Hollow Tree Storage, we want to help you get the perfect space for any of your personal items or  vehicles during the colder months. Visit to take a look at all the options we have to choose from. If you are unsure about which is the perfect option for any other of your belongings, give us a call at (203) 655-2018 to talk to someone to get help with this decision. We look forward to helping you with your motorcycle storage in Darien and any other storage problems you might have.