Make Hollow Tree your Choice for Storage Unit Rental

Let’s face it, figuring out a storage unit rental when you have to move or there are too many things piling up inside your apartment or home is never at the top of anyone’s “to-do” list.

At Hollow Tree Self Storage, we want you to know why you should select us when you decide to look for a storage unit rental for those belongings that you may need to move quickly or are simply tired of looking at or walking around in your home.

Because we want you to find all your storage unit rental solutions at Hollow Tree, here are just a few of the reasons why you should move us to the top of your list.

Free use of our moving van

How many times have you borrowed a pickup to move from one place to another? I bet a few at least. Or, how many times have you asked a sibling or good friend to help you clear out an apartment and get all your stuff to your latest living location? You may still need some help, but when you move into a storage unit rental at Hollow Tree, you get free use of our moving van. All you have to do is schedule time with our staff.

Instead of making repeated trips, you might need only a single trip to get everything moved to your new storage unit.

Loading dock is elevator close

Lugging heavy furniture to a second- or third-floor storage unit rental is no fun so Hollow Tree’s building is designed to make it easier for people to get heavy items from the ground floor into storage units on the upper floor. We accomplished this by building a loading dock adjacent to an elevator that’s large enough to easily move furniture and other bulky items from a vehicle to a unit.

Our loading dock is elevated so clients can easily transfer items from a truck or moving van onto the dock. Once items are on the dock, they can be moved onto hand trucks and into the elevator.

Unload out of the weather

Moving is bad enough, but moving in bad weather can be miserable. Hollow Tree Self Storage has indoor bays where vehicles can be unloaded or loaded and clients won’t be exposed to the extreme humidity of summer or the cold, rain or snow of winter. Plus, an elevator is conveniently located a few feet from where you’ll be unloading your stuff. Our bays are also big enough for larger vehicles so unloading a big truck can be completed in the shade too!

Safe and secure — at all hours

Our clients need to feel like they’re safe, no matter when they visit their storage unit rental. At Hollow Tree, we have surveillance cameras monitoring our entire facility, inside and out, 24 hours a day. Come inside our office and see for yourself. We have a huge monitor that displays live video from locations throughout our facility. It’s our way of making sure that our clients know they are safe, and their belongings are safe too!

If you are looking for a storage unit in the Darien, CT, area, make Hollow Tree Self Storage your first call. Our amenities are superior, our facility is immaculate, and our customer service is first class. Give us a ring at 203.655.2018 or visit us online at