Inexpensive but Not Cheap Storage Units Available at Hollow Tree Storage

There comes a time when everyone has to either move, relocate belongings, or simply needs to put some extra stuff away that does not fit into another location for a period of time. Many examples of people needing somewhere to store their belongings can be used. The easy solution for the average person is cheap storage units.

Storage units are defined as a specific place where people can store their belongings or materials for a certain amount of time. Monthly payments are made to keep the rented storage unit. Self-storage units allow an individual to store whatever they want, during any time of the facility’s operating hours.

Hollow Tree Self Storage offers cheap storage units for the average person to store their possessions. It has a solar rooftop that powers the entire facility, alarms for each individual unit, surveillance that is 24 hours, and a gated entrance that further secures the facility. All of these security measures are to protect its clients and the 30 different sized units that Hollow Tree offers.

Hollow Tree is proud to offer the city of Darien and surrounding towns the option to use more than 30 cheap storage units to assist their needs. Ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 30’, and also including recreational vehicle and boat storage, each unit is designed to store belongings safely so our clients don’t have to worry.

5’ x 5’

  • Size of a regular closet
  • 25 square feet or (1.52m x 1.52m, 2.32 sq. m.).
  • It can fit childrens’ toys, chest of drawers, small furniture, boxes, clothes, and other several small items.

5’ x 10’

  • Size of a walk-in closet
  • 50 square feet (1.52m x 3.05m, 4.65 sq. m.).
  • It can fit sofas, chairs, supplies, mattress sets, and other small furniture pieces.

5’ x 15’

  • Size of a large closet
  • 75 square feet or (1.52m x 4.57m, 6.97 sq. m.)
  • It can fit the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment such as chairs, sofas, mattresses, more than 100 file boxes, and other small furniture.

10’ x 10’

  • Size of a one-car garage, or a regular-sized bedroom.
  • 100 square feet with dimensions of (3.05m x 3.05m, 9.29 sq. m.)
  • It will hold the contents of a one-bedroom apartment such as a refrigerator, bed, washer and dryer, and patio pieces.

10’ x 15’

  • Size of a large bedroom, or two-thirds of a garage.
  • 150 square feet with dimensions of (3.05m x 4.57m, 13.94 sq. m.)
  • It can hold the furnishings of a two-bedroom apartment, carpet rolls, building materials, or even a small boat or vehicle.

10’ x 20’

  • Size of a small one-car garage
  • 200 square feet or (3.05m x 6.10m, 18.58 sq. m.)
  • It can fit the furnishings of a three-bedroom house, storage racks, large quantities of boxes, furniture for the patio, construction equipment, or even a small boat.

10’ x 25’

  • Size of a large one-car garage
  • 250 square feet or (3.05m x 7.62m, 23.23 sq. m.)
  • It can fit appliances of a three-bedroom house, a home office, storage files, storage racks, large amounts of boxes, patio pieces, or a vehicle or boat.

10’ x 30’

  • Size of a standard two-car garage
  • 300 square feet or (3.05m x 9.14m, 27.87 sq. m.)
  • It can fit the contents of a three-bedroom house, equipment, storage files, storage racks, permanent records, a full vehicle, and a boat.

With many options to choose from, Hollow Tree offers guaranteed protection to ensure each client is at ease knowing their belongings are in an affordable, safe, secure, and clean location. We’re located at 131 Hollow Tree Ridge in Darien, CT. Visit the website for more information at