Find the Best Storage Units for Rent in Darien at Hollow Tree

Finding a place to store all of your stuff can be hard. Sometimes your basement or attic is not always the safest place with flooding and roof leaks. Lucky for you, Hollow Tree has storage units for rent in Darien that are not only close to your home but a safe place for storing belongings.

Buying stuff is easy to do, but finding a place to store it is the hard part!

Why Hollow Tree

At Hollow Tree, we are committed to keeping your stuff safe. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your things with us and not having to think twice about if your things are safe. No matter the size or amount of things you have, we have a storage unit where you can store them.

We have many different sizing options, including both inside and outside storage. Each of the units comes with different features. You can get a unit with an alarm system so that we assure your things are safe. We also have units with climate control to make sure the things that you do decide to store are kept at a temperature that will prevent molding or weathering.

No matter what you are looking to store, we can and will find a unit that works for all of your needs. We even have units big enough for cars so you don’t have to worry about your old car getting invaded by rats in the barn or rusted because it needs to be stored outdoors.

All of our storage space can be made to fit your needs and wants, and we’ll always keep your things safe at our storage units for rent in Darien.

What Can I Store?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what you can store. You can store almost anything you have. Most of the things that people store is clothes, cars, documents, and other things they would normally keep in a basement or garage.

If you rent one of our climate-controlled units, there will be no reason to worry about finding documents in your basement or searching for them in a dark crawlspace. You can know your documents will be safe in a storage unit for rent in Darien.

If your child is home for the summer or home for the holidays and you have nowhere to put their college things, reserve a self-storage unit on a month to month term so your student can return to school and you won’t have to pay for storage space that you don’t need. If you do need the space, you can collect all the clutter in your basement and bring it to our storage facility in Darien.

How Does Pricing Work?

Depending on what unit you rent, pricing is different. Finding a storage unit for rent in Darien at Hollow Tree is easy and our property manager can figure out which option works best for your needs and budget. There are even fall storage deals available if you book a unit now!

To check out our different unit prices and sizes go here for more information.